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Local Radio: More Than Being “On Facebook”

January 16, 2014


It is easy to understand that radio can connect with local listeners by being on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Look around. Every radio station is generally doing “something” on these platforms, and others are having a varying degrees of success attaining “likes” and keeping some level of engagement with local listeners. However, […]

Local Radio: Watch Out For “Old Guy” (Or Time-Challenged New Year’s Resolutions For Your Social Media)

December 18, 2013


What are your New Year’s resolutions as they relate to social media in 2014? What? You’re in sales and you don’t have any? You’re in programming and it’s on your list but you don’t have enough time? You’re the market manager and if it doesn’t make you money right now it’s not important? Ultimately, opportunity […]

Everyone Looks For Ways To Throttle The Competition With Social Media, But What Is Radio Doing To Really Connect (for Radio)?

December 13, 2013


Are you tuned in to what is happening with your listeners? Do you or your program director have a profile for the local listener your company most wants to attract to your on-air brand? How do you do this outreach given that you may not have access to regular local research? Maybe you already have […]

Local Radio: Myths Of Radio-based Social Media & How You Can Boost Your Real Effectiveness

September 27, 2013


You hear people all the time talk about how important their social media is, but what is behind those words? Are people really taking social media seriously or is it just viewed inside local radio clusters as a waste of time or something that can’t be harnessed? Let’s investigate… 1. “Social Media is a time […]