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Will Social Media Tricks Get You Closer To Listeners?

April 9, 2015


Social media tricks. That’s what people tend to want to know. How do you cut the time, work, and commitment to accomplish more with their social media? Unfortunately, I am that guy who always stresses that you look at the behavior of people and invest in authenticity and relationships. The fastest and best way to […]

Radio Resolutions: New Year, Effective Resolutions That Work

January 7, 2015


Yes, you can improve your life and refocus your efforts with a few New Year’s resolutions. It’s not too late. While we usually talk only about social media, you may apply each of these as being important to people in all kinds of jobs and all kinds of lifestyles with the adjustment of just a […]

A 30 Day Social Media Experiment For Your Radio Station: Go

September 14, 2014


Social media is complicated, right? How do you have the most impact? How do you send an authentic message? How do you get people to share you, like you, love your station? How about starting with something simple? Our society has pulled away from individuals. You know your neighbor, but you may not know the […]

Local Radio: 6 Ways To Make Sure Your Social Media Is Not A Bore

November 30, 2013


Believe it or not, most people fall prey to social media charms because social media can seem like instant validation. In reality, it is often a mirror and anyone who uses social media to connect with a specific audience should be careful to avoid seeking validation themselves and stay focused on bringing value for the […]

The “New” Winning In Social Media For Radio For 2014

November 18, 2013


That’s right. I said it. 2014. It will be here any second. The 21st century is different for a lot of reasons. It seems time moves faster and you have less employees in radio stations to do the work. Oh, and more work. Radio has changed (and will continue to do so). Different broadcast companies […]

Local Radio: It’s Time To Get Your Visuals On Social Media & Really Win Local

October 15, 2013


The number one way to get people interested in your content in social media? Visuals. Pictures and video. Yet, a lot of radio pros have difficulty grabbing on to how big visuals are at driving engagement in social media. After all, we’re audio, right? How much attention do you give to your visuals in social […]