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The Secrets

April 28, 2015


There is a secret that is most difficult for some to learn when it comes to social media. It relates to consistency and prolonged effort, strategy and a willingness to learn to connect like no one else with listeners you want to attract and influence. In fact, here is a list of secrets. 1. Most people […]

The Big 7 For Radio Social Media?

March 17, 2015


Believe it or not, I get asked all the time about page views, technology to make posting easier, different strategies to enhance your effectiveness in social media. Sometimes the questions can be complicated and sometimes my answers are, too. However, I believe at the basic bottom-line, people are moved out of simplicity. So, my advice […]

What Are The Next Moves For Your Local Radio Brand To Deepen Your Roots With Social Media?

May 15, 2014


It’s time. Time to kick your social media into gear and really get what local radio deserves. Radio is the original social media network. We certainly have a great opportunity to use all of our assets to grow deep roots in social media and benefit both listeners and advertisers. The questions involved are all about […]

TV, Radio & Social Media

May 6, 2014


So many radio station websites focus solely on contesting. However, you certainly see a lot of stations that give you the half-naked pictures of girls or TMZ-type gossip. Are there other things radio can be doing in social media to better reflect local passion, local listener tastes, and to capture more attention in the local […]

What Is A Social Media Content Plan That Works For Local Radio?

April 26, 2014


When it comes right down to it, many radio clusters and individual radio stations don’t have an effective social media plan designed to help them get results for goals they have for engaging actual local audience and for growing higher participation with their brand or brands. That’s a shame. With a little focus, effort and […]

8 Ways To Boost Your Local Radio Brand In Social Media

February 10, 2014


Oh, yeah, you can make a big difference with what you are doing in social media for local radio. Don’t believe it? For the next 45 days commit to these eight items as part of your overall plan for social media connectivity for your local radio brand or brands. 1. Have a social media content […]