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The Secrets

April 28, 2015


There is a secret that is most difficult for some to learn when it comes to social media. It relates to consistency and prolonged effort, strategy and a willingness to learn to connect like no one else with listeners you want to attract and influence. In fact, here is a list of secrets. 1. Most people […]

The Big 7 For Radio Social Media?

March 17, 2015


Believe it or not, I get asked all the time about page views, technology to make posting easier, different strategies to enhance your effectiveness in social media. Sometimes the questions can be complicated and sometimes my answers are, too. However, I believe at the basic bottom-line, people are moved out of simplicity. So, my advice […]

Apps To Help Your Social Media Life

March 6, 2015


Always looking to save time with your social media, be more productive, or both? Every once in a while, we like to look at tools that can make things easier for you. There are – as you might suspect – some evergreen tools that just stick around because of how awesome they are, but you […]

Yeah, You Can Ask For The Order In Social Media

February 28, 2015


A lot of people on the programming side of radio don’t have the honor and opportunity to live in a world where they have to “ask for the order.” That may sound rough, but sales jobs are not easy. It doesn’t matter if you think you have the greatest product ever, there are still real […]

6 Keys To Building Listener Relationships With Social Media

February 10, 2012


There’s a lot of hype involved with social media, and there are a lot of radio pros that have not yet awakened to the idea that systemic shift can “get you” if you don’t move now to protect your best relationships. If you are not using social media to expand contact, encourage loyalty with real […]

How Do You Develop A Better Social Media Strategy For 2012?

December 16, 2011


A lot more people than you might think are still wondering what their social media strategy should be. What should you include in your social media strategy for 2012? You program your radio station to be special, so your social media should be special, too. If you are a radio personality reading this, you should […]

Creating A Stage For Your Radio Station On Facebook

November 11, 2011


A lot of radio stations have Facebook pages. Not many radio stations use Facebook as a stage for listener engagement.  Yet this opportunity exists every day in your world and your listeners’ world. Here are 5 specifics to make certain you are building an engaging stage: 1.  Constantly build your Facebook page to be interesting […]