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The Secrets

April 28, 2015


There is a secret that is most difficult for some to learn when it comes to social media. It relates to consistency and prolonged effort, strategy and a willingness to learn to connect like no one else with listeners you want to attract and influence. In fact, here is a list of secrets. 1. Most people […]

Local Radio: How Important IS Social Media Strategy To Your Business? What’s A Good Plan?

March 25, 2013


Social media sites are now used by more than 65 percent of adults over the age of 18 in the U.S. Some say those numbers are low. To establish that adult acceptance and widespread use of social media is not new, we are going to quote research from a couple of years back. According to […]

Radio: Can You Go Viral On Social Media? Yep. 8 Ways To Start!

February 11, 2013


How do you go viral in your market, or in general, with social media? Let’s take a look at how to set conditions to have your content spread like wildfire across the important groups of cheerleaders or passionate listeners and social media participators who will and can blow you up! 1. Of course, you’ve heard […]

Making The Most Of Radio Contests On Social Media

August 30, 2012


In today’s busy broadcast world, people are often looking for the easy way out. A lot of radio’s efforts in social media fall flat because they try to use it for advertising or exclusively for contesting. You must ask yourself, “Where is the value in our social media for the listener or the “social media […]

How Radio Can Avoid Social Media Don’ts And Thrive

August 25, 2012


With so much focus on what you should be doing in social media, every once in a while it is good to get a check-up so you know you are not actually doing things you shouldn’t. 1. Be social — and by that I mean don’t over-market the radio station on social media. You know […]