About Loyd Ford


Loyd Ford is a direct marketing, ratings and social media strategist who works with broadcasters, entertainment brands and media companies to create and build strong ratings and asset value. Loyd programmed very successful radio brands in markets of all sizes across the United States for many years. Loyd has also been involved with the creation and launch of a local entertainment-based television show and consulted on the development of an Apple app for the concert and entertainment industry. While working for Americalist Direct Marketing, he has been on the leading edge in created high-impact ratings gains for unique broadcast brands and has worked with clients in all radio formats as well as working for television brands to increase ratings since 2003. Loyd has written for several major trade publications tied to the media business in the U.S. and enjoys working with clients on the human aspect of using social media, direct marketing and all forms of contact-based marketing to influence actual behavior.

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  1. Hello Loyd!!!

    Was a blessing stumbling on your site this morning!!! I’m a recent graduate of social media (Masters) from Birmingham City University and I’ve been invited to do a 40 minutes presentation on social media and radio programming at my old job, the BBC World Service Trust, in Abuja,Nigeria.

    I’m really pumped about it, but I’m also really nervous!! Reading through your site has not only put me at ease, but now I feel like I’m going to have fun during this presentation! And I’ll definitely be adapting some of the tips on here to our local environment (with full credits to you of course)!

    Again, very many thanks Sir. I’m grateful!

    • That’s the spirit! You can do it. You definately have the right attitude. Remember: Every adult on Earth is just a big kid. Just like us. Desire for education and learning new things pays off and keeps you from falling back to only the past. This is now. Sounds like you want to help people. I think that is a great place to start. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. Can’t is just a word.

  2. Thank you!


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