Will Social Media Tricks Get You Closer To Listeners?

Posted on April 9, 2015



Social media tricks. That’s what people tend to want to know. How do you cut the time, work, and commitment to accomplish more with their social media? Unfortunately, I am that guy who always stresses that you look at the behavior of people and invest in authenticity and relationships. The fastest and best way to show that you care is to actually care.

There’s always new technology, but I recommend that you focus your content on being “real” with the people that matter to your station, your growth, and your social media connectivity. Here are a few tips on forming your thinking in the areas that can be very productive for your authenticity.

1. Be friendly, engage and invite listeners to give their opinions.
2. Validate the people you most want to have relationship with in social media, on your site and on-air. Look for opportunities to show you notice them, care about them.
3. Follow-up on the Facebook wall of the people you want to encourage and develop a relationship with for your brand.
4. Post video that reflects more than just interesting content. Make sure it is targeted to the people you most want to attract.
5. Be willing to support “passion causes” they are involved with and reflect that on-air, on the Web, and in social media.
6. Connect with their friends on social media and validate them with their friends. This can go a powerful long way to growing closeness that matters.

I will always encourage you to use the latest technology and to learn more about using the tools that become available to you, but never miss the power of being real. Develop the skill of seeming vulnerable, authentic, and engaged in the actual lives of listeners and you will always be a winner.

Loyd Ford is the Direct Marketing, Ratings & Social Media Strategist for Americalist Direct Marketing and works with local radio clusters to launch and grow significant local-direct reoccurring digital revenue with Rainmaker Pathway Consulting. How much local digital revenue are you getting? He works with media brands all across the country to improve ratings and participation with custom contest strategy, telemarketing, strategic direct mail and social media for radio clients and he works directly with clients to boost significant local-direct digital revenue for local clusters. His interests include social media, digital local-direct revenue and non-traditional revenue for radio. And, yes, he believes you should be receiving more share of digital revenue in your local radio market along with higher ratings. Don’t just read. Get engaged in the process. Contact him directly @ 877.475.6864 or Americalist1@aol.com.  Loyd also has a local on-demand podcast where he lives called The Stories Of The Upstate podcast all about people in Upstate South Carolina.  You can subscribe for free on iTunes or get it on the home page under the “Upstate Stories” tab @ GreatUpstate.com.


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