Brand Yourself A Winner As A Local Personality

Posted on March 24, 2015


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What if you started to look at your on-air name as your “brand.”  No, seriously. Your brand. Maybe many of you already do this, but I mean it in the larger sense…separated from your actual j-o-b.

Let me put this another way…

What if you looked at building your own unique tribe that follows [your name here] instead of simply feeding the idea that the radio station you work for is the brand? I mean, of course, they are the brand. However, at the end of the day, we all know your departure – no matter who you are – from said brand could be rapid and without warning. So, again, what if you started to really look at your job as brand-building for you?

Would you:
1. Build unique views on your Facebook page?
2. Focus listeners on your causes that are also unique in the market?
3. Create special “touches” (prizes) for loyal listeners that come from you?
4. Try to create revenue generating roles for yourself today in your market outside your day job to monetize your fame?
5. Do you blog? About something important to the people you want to attract in your market?
6. Do you work to make appearances on local TV doing something important in your community?
7. Invent special opportunities only for those people who spend time with you on-air, at live events, and more?
8. Have you explored doing fill-in work on the local TV station? Yeah, you!
9. Would you put more into your own Facebook, Twitter, and other social media efforts?

Try to imagine what your life might be like if you could build your brand into something that could survive the downsizing of your personality on the radio. That changes everything, right?  How much better could you be if you charted a path right now to reach a height in your market where you could survive it and thrive?

Would it surprise you that I think you should be trying to explore all these avenues if you work for a broadcast brand and get your money that way today?

That’s it. Think about yourself more. We all want to be great employees, but in today’s environment you learn more so you can do more…but is that enough?  If you are not already thinking like a 21st century content provider separate from your day job, start.

Loyd Ford is the Direct Marketing, Ratings & Social Media Strategist for Americalist Direct Marketing and works with local radio clusters to launch and grow significant local-direct reoccurring digital revenue with Rainmaker Pathway Consulting. How much local digital revenue are you getting? He works with media brands all across the country to improve ratings and participation with custom contest strategy, telemarketing, strategic direct mail and social media for radio clients and he works directly with clients to boost significant local-direct digital revenue for local clusters. His interests include social media, digital local-direct revenue and non-traditional revenue for radio. And, yes, he believes you should be receiving more share of digital revenue in your local radio market along with higher ratings. Don’t just read. Get engaged in the process. Contact him directly @ 877.475.6864 or  Loyd also has a local on-demand podcast where he lives called The Stories Of The Upstate podcast all about people in Upstate South Carolina.  You can subscribe for free on iTunes or get it on the home page under the “Upstate Stories” tab @


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