Local Radio: Watch Out For “Old Guy” (Or Time-Challenged New Year’s Resolutions For Your Social Media)

Posted on December 18, 2013


old guy
What are your New Year’s resolutions as they relate to social media in 2014? What? You’re in sales and you don’t have any? You’re in programming and it’s on your list but you don’t have enough time? You’re the market manager and if it doesn’t make you money right now it’s not important? Ultimately, opportunity to invest in engaging both your listeners and your clients can be very important in making a difference in your ratings in the New Year and your revenue too. So, for the time-challenged, I have a few potential New Year’s resolutions for you.

1. Social media should involve more money for your cluster in 2014. This resolution is all about committing to reforming the way you look at social media around investigating how to generate cash through social media efforts and digital opportunities. Resolve to spend some time with your sales team and looking for ways to generate additional digital revenue directly through social media content and influence.

2. Resolve to update your overall social media strategy so you have goals for both your ratings and revenue dreams in connecting and engaging with local audiences that will ultimately make you more successful in 2014. No goal for your sales team in social media? Hmmm. It’s there. You just have to build the strategy.

3. Concentrate on showing the fun of your business in 2014 in social media. Radio is a fun business. Anyone who doesn’t believe it should spend a day working at the local tire store or as an accountant. People react and are attracted to fun. Make it a big part of your New Year’s resolutions to showcase your local radio brand(s) in a way that is fun, because fun is engaging.

4. Resolve to always ask why listeners and clients would engage you in social media and UP your content and care for each of these critical groups in 2014. It’s difficult to always keep the focus on them. Humans always want to do self. By making these questions a big part of your resolutions, you keep the focus in the right place regularly.

5. Your New Year’s resolutions for your social media efforts in 2014 should involve renewal. We all get stale. It takes a lot of effort just to keep up with all the jobs you have, but your success is at least in part based upon your freshness. So renew your social media efforts by reviewing your process and who posts and engages your targeted audiences, review your content strategy, and take a close look at what you get from social media. If you can’t see clear benefits, you need a “do over.”

6. Finally, make it your BIG New Year’s resolution to watch out for “Old Guy.” Old guy is the one that stands on the steps of his house and yells, “Get off my lawn” instead of saying, “The way it used to be is over because we don’t live there anymore.” 2014 will bring new challenges and opportunities. Make sure you embrace both by preparing to change when you need to do so. Inflexible things break. Bending allows you to enjoy new things.

Some people don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Many people break them. I don’t pretend that these New Year’s resolutions will work for everyone, but thinking about how you want to positively embrace the New Year with a focus on improving and updating your goals allows you an opportunity to refresh for 2014. It’s good for your listeners to see you renew your passion for improving; good for your clients to see a commitment to improvement; and good for you to refresh your own goals. Here’s wishing you a great New Year and opportunity to reach your goals.

Loyd Ford


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