Who Does The Social Media At Your Radio Station?

Posted on December 6, 2012


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Who does your social media? That’s a question I ask radio all the time. Of course, radio gives a variety of answers, but often the answers come back scattered. First response is always, “Oh, yeah, we’re on Facebook.” Then, you get more “advanced” answers:  “We let our part-timers do some of it.”  “Someone is doing it.”  “I think the PDs do most of it.”  “Somebody on the morning show handles that.”

As you begin looking at your 2013 plans, putting significant thought into who does your social media is more important than ever.

So, who should “do” your social media?

1. You should. That’s right. Management should set the tone by thinking out, designing, and communicating a plan that to the on-the-front-line-executioners says you choose to basically control one of the fastest-spreading image creators (social media) for your brands.

2. Content provider selections are important. Allowing your part-timers to do your social media might work out, but it might be a disaster. It is much better to select your content providers by making sure they meet your actual standards for the brand and making sure they understand the mission of social media for your radio station and in your market. You should also figure out the people on your team who understand being visual, those who are like the life of the party at real parties and can translate that into social media, and those who can connect and validate listeners on social media platforms today. You can figure this out just by spending a few minutes with individual staff on the subject of social media.

3. Make sure your team understands the target you most want to attract and encourage for your radio station. Once you have a plan and have selected the right people, make sure you separate content responsibilities. Make sure you have opportunities for each of your content providers to really impact those listeners you most want to stick to and encourage for your brand.

4. Be careful to create a strategy where each team member knows exactly what kind of content they are responsible for and how often they will be posting and where. This might seem simple, but you should have your content targets split by percentage of overall content so that you have a very balanced approach to being visual, engaging, local, concerned about community, and authentic. You should have posts that reflect the entertaining nature of your radio station as well.

If you are in management at your radio station, you are where the “buck stops.”  Social media is no different in this respect. If you want to get the most benefit out of what is happening in your market on social media platforms, you must take the bull by the horns and put some strategic thinking to what you want to accomplish. If you do that, you will add more to your weapons, become more and more dominant in your market, and you will also be the winner. Good luck!

Loyd Ford


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