Sooner Than You Think: Radio Prepares For Fall Social Media

Posted on July 29, 2012


When it comes to social media, you are never surprised that “great content is king.”  The trouble is being creative and coming up with ideas that can really turn the page for listeners and get them engaged in your product. As fall approaches, you have big family events that you can take advantage of with creative flair. Consider the return of school and the return of football. These are big events in the lives of your listeners. With a little planning, you can create opportunities for your station. These opportunities should be focused only on your market and should always tilt listeners toward your products (usage).

Here are a few ideas for right now:

1. Create online or Facebook promotions (that lead to your website and on-air) with local schools in your market. This takes a little footwork but local businesses do it all the time and it helps your business grow. You can do it because you can offer them something much bigger than smaller local businesses. Be creative, have great ideas and execute great content, and your radio station will be the pivot point for fall for parents and kids. What will that do for your fall ratings?

2. Do the research and have someone design your own social media or website/online game you can promote on Facebook and Twitter. The game should feature your logo as well as personalities and features of the station. By the way, it should also include opportunities to listen to the station or an invitation to listen to specific things. That is all part of making things fun for players/listeners and tying in the station without being only a promo. Of course, be careful to have the permission of your company before creating this type of content and product.

3. If your state has a tax-free weekend, create a bonus on-air event or promotion where the station involves prizes (and maybe retailers) as well as a potential cash payout — say for the largest clothes bill up to a certain amount. If you don’t think your listeners are focused on saving money this way, you are intoxicated on 2004. It’s 2012 and people are scratching for every nickel. By the way, if your state does not have a tax-free weekend, perhaps you should create one as a contest and involve your morning show for the “payoff” for listeners every hour on Monday or each day the following week.

It’s all about creativity and focus. If you think the process through and do a good job of putting together something that spikes listener interest, the payoff can be unique and big for the station. When it comes right down to it, radio can be more creative than ever. If you love serving your community and believe in the power of radio to reach out into the social media world and reconnect listeners to your on-air brand, you have the opportunity to do something that becomes extremely viral in your market and maybe makes you famous for helping your station grow from social media.

Loyd Ford

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