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Posted on July 2, 2012


Radio could use video much more effectively and often. It does not require a lot of time or effort in 2012 to make good video that listeners will be interested in and post it to social media sites so listeners are encouraged to participate in your brand. While there are less people to do more work, products like Video Flip make it quick and easy to take advantage of video on social media platforms to engage listeners with the fun of our business. Remember:  Everyone does not have a job like yours. Use the fun to bring people to you.

Here are the 12 commandments of video for radio:

1. Use video to show listeners and clients how effective and exciting radio is on a daily basis.

2. Make video blogs for personalities.

3. Do video interviews backstage or even phone interviews with stars. Listeners love to be “inside.”

4. Post videos to Facebook with a lead-in back to your station website. 5. Use creativity by using video to film listener “happenings” or staged events, big or small.

6. Put video in an email to your loyal listener database when you have an upcoming concert event or some special backstage footage after a show.

7. Video different staff members or the staff together with holiday messages for 4th of July, Christmas, etc. Post them to Facebook and Twitter.

8. Use video to show “backstage” at the radio station.

9. Use “cause video.” You or someone on your team may be close to a cause in your market or just simply of interest to your life group. Post a video related to helping this cause.

10.  Video a radio station tour.

11.  Post video of station events or promotions to YouTube.

12.  Have one of your personalities do a video review of music or products of interest to your target.

You can make the most of social media and grow participation on Facebook, Twitter, your website and also on-air by using video. Get started for about $100 if you don’t have a video flip.

I talk about this all the time to clients. We are in a “backstage business.”  Listeners will absolutely flock to us if we will show them a little love. Video is a great way to do that. Good luck!

Loyd Ford

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