10 Ways To Boost Radio Events With Social Media

Posted on June 3, 2012


In radio, there are events. Sometimes it is as simple as after-work parties or concerts, sometimes it is a non-traditional revenue event. Of course, we are excellent at promoting an event on-air. But what about with social media? Radio can use social media to boost consistent participation levels in these events. Here are 10 ideas to help you boost!

1. Make sure your event has real appeal for your coveted audience. This falls under the idea of knowing your audience and giving them what they enjoy. If they don’t find your event interesting, something is wrong and you are engaged in an event you probably shouldn’t be.

2. Before your event, post pictures of a past event of the same type. Or if it is a concert, post pictures of the concert from other cities on the tour and encourage listeners to get involved as you prepare for the concert with your radio station.

3. Have your station on-air talent blog about the value of the event in advance. Give specific details on how to get the most out of the event. Make sure to include pictures and video (we’re all visual creatures). Post your blog on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Doing this in advance builds excitement and puts your station at the center of the event when it comes.

4. Invite listeners to the event on Facebook. Include pictures and video from past events like the one coming up and encourage listeners to “like” your event.

5. During the actual event, take pictures and video of what your listeners find appealing (valuable) at your events and post them immediately. This “jacks” listeners for the current event and also future events of this type. In fact, radio often has events the general public considers fun and exciting. Take advantage of this by manufacturing that excitement on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and spread it to your website and these social media platforms along with station-loyal listener email. Again, the chief consideration should be the value of the content. If you build it, they will get excited about it.

6. You should post content regularly to at least Facebook and Twitter every 30 to 40 minutes during the event. This helps listeners not on-site to engage and it baits listeners who may not be able to attend the current event to attend future events.

7. Ask listeners at the event if you can post pictures of them and then do so you can tag them on Facebook and spread the impact of your influence to their friends. I don’t have to tell you that when your friends see you having fun, they may want to join you.

8. Get listeners already on site at your event to talk about what they are enjoying about the event and post the quotes, video, and/or audio. This might seem like a no-brainer, but listeners will engage once they see other people already doing it. There is nothing like the feeling of missing a good time to motivate others to join you!

9. Get lots of “listener attributions” during the event so you can post quotes after the event on your website and social media platforms both during and after the event. In addition, get audio for future events so that you have a lead-in promo (even if it is only on your website and social media platforms). Something like, “Hi, I’m Walter. And I’m Nancy. And we love the Kiss 102 After Work Party at Midtown!” Listeners love the excitement of other people sharing fun with them. It draws them to events and you can use this tactic to pump up your events with consistency.

10. As you did before the event, post pictures and videos, and blog about the event. And always include pictures and video in the blogs. You can do this to take credit and promote ahead the next event.  This helps you build the image of being a good “party-giver.” People like to know who throws the cool parties. Is it you?

You might consider all of this to fall under the simple philosophy of “Tell ’em you are going to do it, do it, and remind them you did it.” However, simply engaging listeners at a high level on site can bring more people and more excitement to an event. Do that consistently and you will build an absolute following. Do it right and you will find your listeners will be doing some of these things along with your efforts. Cheerleaders are good!

With so many opportunities to be visual and lead listeners to your party, a little of this kind of structured activity before, during and after events will make you seem like the genius social media promotion expert on your team (and maybe in your company).

Loyd Ford


*Content originally appeared @ radioink.com.

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