Here’s An Idea: Make Social Media Easier…For Your Listeners

Posted on January 26, 2012


Radio people are usually always thinking “How can we spend less time doing it but be more effective with social media for radio?”  Today we’re going to talk about how to make it easier for your LISTENERS to engage your brand and get more from your social media. Here are six ways to make things easier for your listeners:

1. Answer listener questions. By answering peoples’ questions thoroughly and expertly, you gain listeners’ confidence and you also let them know they matter to you.

2.  Don’t think social media is just Facebook and Twitter.  For example, there are important things for you to do on YouTube.  Are you engaging listeners with video?  Video is becoming more and more important.  Don’t be left behind.  Use your creativity and access to things listeners love.

3. Don’t forget to include your connectivity info on Twitter, Digg, Facebook and other social media websites.  Easy connection is important.  Don’t make them struggle to look for ways to connect with you.  This would be similar to hiding a link on your website to listen to the station.  I see this all the time.  Don’t let it be you.  Make connection easy.

4.  Do not expect instant success. If you have a strategy, have the patience to work it and keep your expectations in check.  Rome was not built in a day and there is a reason people say this.  Social media success builds over time.  The good news is how much it can build over time.  Building comes through trust, responsiveness to listeners, consistency and great content.

5. Share listener posts. You’ll be amazed what sharing something from a listener does for them….and for your brand.  People want to be recognized.  Do this and you will make someone’s day and build fans on social media and focus on your brand.

6. Make sure it is easy to connect to your Facebook page and follow you on Twitter directly from your website and loyal listener email sent to listeners.  Have you seen your loyal listener email lately?

Connecting with listeners is something we do every day in radio.  Social media should be an extension of that….as long as you have a well thought-out plan that everyone who touches your social media appreciates and executes. Do you have a strategic plan for social media and do your key team members know the plan?

Loyd Ford

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