4 Ways To Boost Your Social Media Participation (For Better Real World Results)

Posted on December 31, 2011


As social media becomes more and more prominent and relevant, it is clear that those radio stations (and shows) with better social media plans will get better real world results.  Everyone knows that content can be critical, but often content managers are missing `important elements that can quickly add to their actual success.  So, I thought I might present 4 basic elements that bring the listeners you target into your orbit in social media and encourages them to engage your broadcast brand at a higher (loyal) level.

1. Use pictures. Pictures draw people to you.  Humans are very visual.  Engage them first with the eye, but make sure your content is good.  This can be pictures of backstage at a concert or some gossip related pictures.  We’ve all heard a picture is worth a thousand words, but social media is a place for few words.  So, a great picture is a way to be more foreground with the listeners who are participators.

2. Post videos. So many radio stations are active in concerts, events, public events and more, but you don’t see a lot of well thought out video.  Why?  Video flips cost less than $100 and allow you to be so highly mobile.  Even if you don’t have a Video Flip, you can open up your cell phone and get a quick video.  Remember:  We are not talking about a 30 minute video.  Your video posts should be 1 – 3 minutes long.  However, imagine giving listeners a 60 second interview with a major artist in your format who has come to town (or you have visited with in another town)?  Station events and even a morning show bit can be put on video and placed on Facebook.  Just make the content compelling.

3. Create a station blog. A single person can do it or it can be done by contribution by a variety of staff members.  However, a blog can really help make the station more human and give your team a platform to contribute.  Think of important things in your community.  You have a voice.  Make it count.  Think about access you have to the industry of entertainment that most people don’t.  Think about what makes your viewpoint unique and exploit it.  Don’t forget to post pictures.  Pictures open people up to your content.

4. Giving Benefits You The Most.  It is unfortunate that people are selfish.  We often avoid the thing that can encourage the most success and make us the happiest people.  Social media brings the truth of giving to the foreground.  Giving is what makes you successful in social media.  Have an important conversation with your staff about what is important to them personally.  When you do this, you may learn about causes important to them and their family. When the causes your individual team members embrace fit with your audience, strike!  Allow and encourage them to post on the cause as themselves on your Facebook page and in their blog. Causes are often very sticky and create loyalty opportunities that otherwise remain hidden.

No one element should dominate.  Determine how much of each kind of contribution should be happening on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Balance is as important as quality of content.  If you don’t have guidelines for how much of each type of content is being put “out there,” you don’t really have a plan.

You have a voice.  Use it.  Be visual, engage listeners when they engage you, always lead people back to your dot com and your broadcast brand and always create a balance between engagement, emotion, fun and promotion in the elements of your social media.

You want to create a pattern of impressions that people are missing out if they are not tuned into what is happening at your radio station.  Social media can play an extraordinary role in drawing people to you if you project the correct balance of engagement, emotion and tease into your social media plans.

Loyd Ford


Content originally appeared @ radioink.com.



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