Building Your Social Media Roadmap

Posted on December 9, 2011


Many of our bosses – especially early on – look at Facebook and Twitter as additional advertising vehicles. They are not. Too many executives in radio (and other industries) still focus on how many followers, likes or content readers they have as a judgment for how well they are doing.  That’s not right either.  While having a lot of followers or likes often looks good, it is really investing in a dead or disoriented measurement.  So, how can you set specific goals to gain real benefits for your radio station in social media?

Here is a 6 step specific roadmap for goal setting that will allow you real success and benefit from your social media efforts:

1. Setting goals gives your efforts focus.  After all, if you have a plan with significant goals, you have a roadmap and a way to hold your team to specific standards of behavior and accomplishment.  Real and realistic goals allows you to set a path and achieve real and actionable benefits as your social media continues to develop.

2. Social media is not NASCAR.  Social media involves developing relationships and opportunities to influence over the long-term.  If your goal is quick influence of the masses, you have the wrong goal.  Set achievable goals of bringing on board a specific number of influencers (listeners) each week by your social media content actions.

3. Social media has a lot of value found in the need for humans to be self-considered relevant, wanted, liked and influential. Don’t get caught up in only trying to make your radio station more popular.  Your goals should involve bringing value to the people you want to attract and engage.  That goal should involve specific types of value from each personality every single week.  While having more “followers” or “likes,” more people may see your content, but your efforts will be wasted largely by investing in people who are not really going to engage in relationship with your brand or help you achieve any significant success.  Think about what kind of listeners you want to engage and focus on the people who will matter.

4. One of your consistent goals should be to be real – never fake.  Being authentic is felt by other people.  So is being fake.  People can read you.  Being authentic is a path to generating a following that trusts you.  That is very significant in social media.  Live up to being real and you will find that your growing influence is also real.  If you are fake or contrived, you will find your influence is the same.

5. Put significance on reaching out to people with your personalities.  Remember:  People want to be valued in social media.  Look for ways to do this in social media on a consistent basis and you will build a loyal tribe.  Personally reaching out builds real connection.  Imagine a listener befriended by a radio personality.  That’s connection.  Add an authentic reason for contact that gives them common ground and you are on your way to loyalty.

6. Consider setting goals with specific personalities in terms of photos, videos, blogging, causes and interaction with listeners.  Let your staff be a part of setting the goals and celebrating success.   In today’s radio environment, you must use every tool you can to be relevant and helpful to build value for your radio station and company.   However, learning to make the most value in your social media efforts is also about building value in yourself and for yourself.  That is most worthwhile.  Having a plan with specific goals for your social media efforts will also make sure you are not just spinning your wheels.

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