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Posted on November 18, 2011


Radio stations today focus on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to engage listeners, but often those same stations bypass their important email opportunities with their own loyal listener database.  They simply throw those opportunities away with little effort and less real engagement.  That may mean that stations are leaving a powerful repetitive opportunity to really reach and engage the most important listeners for their station.  Here are 9 ways to make your listener email simple and powerful.

I know you’re not supposed to start with a don’t, but we will because of how important it is in creating true listener email:

1) Don’t send out an email to listeners that only focuses on selling listeners something a client wants (this is not the same thing as saying don’t send messages for your advertisers).  You can deliver a message for a client along with benefits listeners will enjoy.  This process continues to build your credibility at delivering things they want and it also benefits your client because listeners will trust your content and read their advertisement. Now that we have that out of the way, we can come forward with some very basic elements that should be in EACH of your listener emails. Are you ready?

2.) Do make sure your email is personal and utilizes brevity and style so that you have a balance of colors, pictures, icons and logos.   Remember that pictures draw people in.  Colors keep things interesting.

3) Do make sure you have a button that is easy to see for listening to the radio station.  This might seem simple, but rarely do I find this in radio station email.

4) Do be sure to include a link to your Facebook page.  Seriously, it’s social.

5) Do also include a link to your Twitter identity.

6) Do include something that is community based.  Yes, in every email.  In other words, show your human side and your involvement with the community your radio station “lives in.”  This is part of what made radio so successful for many decades and it can help you build stronger loyalty in your community and in engagement of your email.

7) Do include contact information so listeners can easily contact you.  Again, make it personal.  Each of your emails should probably contain a very brief email letter from a high-profile personality on the station.  Again, this makes it personal.

8) Do include a “drawing” from each email and let listeners know that they can hit you back with an email if they want to be given a chance to win a small prize just because you sent them an email.  This is about showing respect for them and they will appreciate it.

9) Do include appointment listening (what is coming up on the station this week) and a calendar of events.  This gives your email sticky opportunity to draw listeners to the on-air and to give them more use for the content inside your email.

At radio’s best, radio is a personal experience.  True engagement should be respectful and listener-focused from your email, social media, use of database, marketing and on-air.  Your email becomes either something listeners look forward to or something that even they can’t believe you sent out. Which is it going to be?

Loyd Ford

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