5 Ways To Get Meaningful Results from Social Media (from RadioInk.com)

Posted on September 29, 2011


Here are 5 ways you can give your social media activity meaningful results starting now:
1.   Don’t be afraid to stand out.  Get noticed by really crafting your content on social media platforms to the specific audience you want to attract and engage.  Use video with your personalities to really connect.  This can be done cheaply with a Video Flip or similar device in activities radio already participates in on a weekly basis.  Listeners can get excited seeing other people just like them having a great time with your personalities and your brand.   If you have enough fun, it can lead listeners in social environments right back to your radio station.

2.  Make sure your content is excellent and useful for listeners of your brand.  You know how to do this because your content on air has to be brief and focused on the targets.  It’s not different on Facebook, Twitter or any social “environment.”  Have that content be reflective of your station brand….but delivered by personalities.

3.  Identify influencers in the social media space interested in your product (I am specifically talking about what makes your format special and why people should want to connect with you).  You see who these “influencers” are if you are truly “listening” and “watching.”  They are attached to a good sphere of people who trust them.  They engage.   And they can help bring a wave of people like them to connect with your radio brand.  Have your personalities engage these influencers.  It can be as simple as sending a private email to them on Facebook saying you were thinking about them and left a pair of movie tickets or concert tickets for them at the front desk at the station.  “Why don’t you come by and pick them up?”  Don’t send them a Facebook email as the radio station.  Have a specific personality on the station do it.  It’s easy to make a huge impression this way and they will talk.

4.  Tilt every activity, post and interaction back toward engagement of your brand.  I know I risk confusion here.  I’m not the saying to post commercials for the brand on social media.  I am encouraging you to have your team think with the purpose of bringing social influencers closer to you and back to your actual product in most everything you do in the social media space.  However, make sure the content is focused on a benefit for them – not the station.

5. Don’t be afraid to activate your “actives” to engage your brand, events or to even perform specific actions.  The power of radio is relationship and connection.  Use your social connectivity to engage real activity in the real world.  Work to move listeners/influencers into the role of street team activists or at least social media cheerleaders for your brand.  It’s easy to see the benefit of doing this right, but it has to come with real relationship.  You can start at this level.  Listen to them, engage in the conversation, build trust and then influence them to become active as a part of your overall plans. Remember that Human connection is what people crave.  People are uniquely frustrated because most companies eliminate as much of the human element on their end in dealing with you.  They want your money – not you.

There is a large void of human interaction that radio can benefit from today.  We are the people who are companions for millions every day.  Put some care into your social media space and you will extend radios’ benefit. Even with all the voice tracking that takes place in your average radio station today, listeners still identify with strong personalities on your brands.  There is great opportunity for you to use your strong personalities to connect listeners to your brands using social media.  Social media is an environment where  personalities rule.  Use your natural advantage and really win.

Loyd Ford

Origianally published @ radioink.com.  For the most recent article on social media from Loyd go to www.radioink.com.

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